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About McBroom’s Cleaning Service 

The husband and wife team of Todd and Robyn McBroom had been keeping their innate entrepreneurial spirits under wraps as they each worked for their respective employers, until the year 2003 when both of them lost their “secure” regular paying jobs. 

The McBrooms immediately began doing what most start-up businesses forget to do: researching and laying the groundwork for starting and promoting a new business.  McBroom’s Cleaning Services was launched later that year. 

From the very beginning, the McBrooms became active in the Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce, for whom they have volunteered their time and services as Ambassadors and for a variety of Chamber programs.

In 2005, they were nominated for the Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce’s Best of Bolingbrook Businesses Award in the Service: Business to Consumer category.

Robyn and Todd McBroom 

(And yes, their last name really is McBroom.)


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In 2006, the McBrooms sold the residential side of their business in order to focus on developing the commercial side, providing cleaning and maintenance services for commercial office buildings and other kinds of business facilities. 

And in 2007, they were chosen for the Networking TEAM International, Members of the Year award for all three local chapters. 

Today they also provide consulting and training services that help their clients maintain the highest standards in cleanliness, sanitation, and organization for the health, safety, and productivity of their employees and customers. 

Both have degrees from Illinois State University. Robyn’s is a Bachelor of Arts degree, Todd’s is a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. 

They are licensed, bonded, and insured for the peace of mind and protection of their clients.




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